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rasa: [n] bliss. yo im ria and im just obsessed with the strokes and arctic monkeys and I really dig psychology ya know. pugs are real cool too.

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Reminiscing on some cudi ❤️❤️❤️

Schizophrenia is scary as fuck, like just imagine finding out that everyone you knew, everything you saw/heard, all your memories, were made up.

I was in the office and I saw this girl who was schizophrenic trying to hurt herself in every possible way she can (biting, smashing things into her head, etc) and when her sister tried to stop her, the girl started hurting the sister and ugh it’s just so heartbreaking to see how much damage mental illnesses like schizophrenia can do

I don’t know if it was because I was listening to alt j or what but those few seconds when I realized that I might die I wasn’t freaking out or anything I kinda felt calm and at peace sort of idk man

Holy shit I almost died. I was driving and some drunk (probably idk) fucker from the opposite lane/direction last second tried to crash into my car and I really don’t know how I did but I swerved right in time and he fucking sped off like oh my god I swear I froze like I really thought I was gonna die I couldn’t even find time to honk or even scream


Saturn Devouring His Son, Francisco Goya (1819-1823), Breezeblocks, Alt-J (2012)


Saturn Devouring His Son, Francisco Goya (1819-1823), Breezeblocks, Alt-J (2012)


Iris swims quietly beside me
Oh the leaves and larger weeds sway and stretch themselves
Blue dragonflies dart to and fro
I tie my life to your balloon and let it go


left hand free || alt-j

helped my friend reject this thirsty dude that’s been after her, me, and basically the entire female population at school lmaoo